Why I’m Retiring

Last weekend we celebrated my Dad’s retirement at the family farm.  Around 2oo people came to celebrate his 45 year career.  He could have kept at it, but he wanted to finish strong.  It was staggering to see the impact he’s had on so many lives in rural Minnesota and beyond.

As a little kid, I didn’t understand his work, or appreciate how important it was.  I just saw how much time it took.  So as an adult, it was amazing to hear lots of  stories of how much his work meant to his clients.  So many people depended on his insights, trusted his counsel, and valued his friendship.

And that’s why I’m retiring.  Of course, I still have decades ahead of me in my working life, so I’m not retiring completely.  But I am retiring from my role as writer of this blog.

I started Toward Abundant Life a little over a year ago.   This little experiment has allowed me to connect on some level with thousands of people from over 60 countries.  It’s also been a tool for healing and self-discovery beyond anything I imagined.  Writing these posts not only gave me a written account of past redemption,  it gave me a deeper understanding of who I am and what I have to offer.

I’ve gotten amazing feedback from several of my readers, and I even won some great prizes in a blogging contest this week.  But if I want to have the kind of impact that’s worth celebrating decades from now,  it’s time to stop dabbling and go pro.  The tagline for this blog is  ‘deep down, you always knew there was more’ and  it’s time for me to live that belief.

I’ve sensed for a few months that God was prompting me to start a new blog.  I hesitated because this new project feels so important, and I was afraid I’d get it wrong.  I spent months getting training, brainstorming, hesitating….

Next week, I’ll be launching a new blog on my new website.   I’ll pop back over here to invite all of you to join me, and I’ll  leave these posts up for now.  But I know it isn’t realistic for me to keep up with two blogs, and I want to finish strong.

But before I go, I’d like to leave you with one more question:  What’s the thing that you need to stop doing so you can have the impact you were born to make?





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