How a Telemarketer Saved my Marriage

Vintage Rotary telephone

All the calls I’ve been getting from various political campaigns recently remind me of  the golden age of telemarketing.  Before the do not call list, before everybody had a cell phone, those calls were almost as inevitable as death and taxes.   They were a nuisance, but I have to admit I did get one call that literally changed my life.

Those were very dark times in our marriage.  My husband had lied to me, and I struggled for years to deal with it.  The lie was about events that occurred before I knew him.  In fact,these events  happened before he even began walking with God.  But I could not forgive him.  I had no peace, and made  sure he didn’t either.

One afternoon while I was making supper, the phone rang.  It was a telemarketer, asking to speak with my husband.  I was tipped off by the way the caller butchered his name.  I was quite pleased that, instead of rudely hanging up, I could honestly say, “I’m sorry, there’s no one here by that name”.

“There’s no one here by that name”.

That was it.  In that moment, God gave me everything I needed to forgive Erik and move on with my life.  I had been listening to a “sales pitch” of lies about my husband.  Over and over.  But the truth was that person didn’t exist anymore.  Erik was a new creation.  He had put that old identity aside.  After that, every time those accusations against him started to play in my head, I could say, “There’s no one here by that name”.  And hang up.

So often, I want to be seen as a new creation, but I continue to accuse other people based on their old identity.  Is there someone in your life whose transformation you need to acknowledge?  A debt you need to forgive?  An accusing voice that you need to “hang up”on?



  1. Jeannette Drown

    This is amazing. There’s so much life in this message. I need to acknowledge the transformation in many peoples’ lives, including myself. I see how the devil has kept me in bondage by telling me that I’m not a new creation in Christ. The reality is that I am. I have a new name. I’m excited to apply this message in my life. Thank you for this freeing message.

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